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Alycia Drube

You gave a great, dynamic presentation at Hive this week in Tacoma! I’m new in my career dedicated to events (as opposed to doing them on the side of other duties) and I am eager to implement the tools of those who went before me in the hopes I can skip some of...

Jane Kanter

Thanks for doing such a great job at The Hive.  It is always a learning experience when you take the stage. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

Ecem Asya Unal

It was such a pleasure to meet you in today’s morning class with Alan. After our meeting I have dig in more and found out your talks. You admired me and changed my mood immediately. I got motivated AGAIN during lockdown situation. I was not sure about my choices...

Tiffany Zabaglo

Thank you for presenting at our February meeting. … I liked your casual presentation (moving around the room and engaging the audience) and I did receive a lot of great comments about one on one chats you had!