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7 Mistakes Hospitality Sales Executives Make

...with a reduced sales team

MISTAKE #7 Not Knowing What a Sales Team Is

Are you a solo entrepreneur and wondering what is a Sales Team?

Are you a unique boutique business in the hospitality industry?   A solopreneur is an entrepreneur who performs all duties related to their business alone. Has business flowed to you by word of mouth?  Have you just always managed to be in the right places at the right time?

Solopreneurs start their businesses to offer a specific niche offering and are focused on building a steady customer base to keep their business profitable.  These times call for different pathways for business.

Are the terms, sales lead generation, sales call, sales blitz a foreign language to you?  Have you noticed your pipeline has slowed to a drip?  The phone is no longer ringing, website not being visited, e-mails not coming in like before.

Where did all your referral sources go?  How do you get them back?

Solopreneur had the right start.  They made a few calls, met a few needs and viola business began to slowly flow in.

Then the shift in the business environment.  Furloughs, retirement, reengineering, redeployed your business referral sources gone.  The 10, 15, 20 years your business spent having happy clients, a great memory.

I still maintain there is Gold in the phone.  Fear of cold calling has you paralyzed? Think of it as warm calling and referral gratitude.   My name is Amber, I am the principal in the Angle Concierge. In the past I have worked with Justin, who has taken over his job responsibilities?

Here is another thought, make a list of the companies that have referred you in the past.  This is the time to invest a few dollars. Create a swag bag with a few goodies that are logoed and branded.  No pens, no coffee mugs. No mouse pads. Remember nothing is metal anymore so magnets are tricky.  Maybe a few emery boards, Chapstick, computer camera covers, keyring lights, or whistles.  Advertising Specialties and Promotional Products  add legs to your Marketing.

You are going to create your own COVID-19 Sales Blitz.  Place the items in a gift bag, that is logoed.  Create a brochure and do maybe 10 drops a day.  Wear your mask and say” I just wanted to leave these for Jordan, OMG, she is no longer here, who has taken her place? Then grab all the business cards you can.  From here you can create an excel spreadsheet and being and social media campaign.

Or you can outsource this, it is like waving a magic wand and all your problems are gone.

Are you in need of Sales & Marketing support?

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