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7 Mistakes Hospitality Sales Executives Make

...with a reduced sales team

MISTAKE #4 Using a Sales Lead Nurturing System

Using a sales lead nurturing system?
How is that working for you?

We are a high-tech world driven by algorithms, data, and revenue management.  Hotels are often challenged with building a pipeline of qualified leads using old and irrelevant information. A sales lead nurturing process is usually designed for venues that have sales staff, but lack the time, resources, or experience for effective follow up. How is your CRM working for you?  How are you utilizing your CRM system?

1—Develop your lead suspect database.

You may be in the weeds right now, but this may not be the case in the future, consistent lead generation is critical to healthy group business. You must have a clear system to qualify leads.

2—Nurture your leads carefully

Match messaging to preferences to increase the likelihood of conversion.

3—Set realistic timelines

Pay attention to how quickly leads progress through each phase.

4—Coordinate the buying cycle with your sales cycle

Your nurture campaigns should accurately reflect each market’s position in the buying cycle. Remember that if you don’t know, just ask!

5—Create a template and system for RFP responses

You must nail down how you respond to RFPs.

6—Evaluate and adjust

Mine your results and data for trends and response. This analysis will optimize your overall lead generation and conversion process and in return you will find a few rubies.

Does this sales lead nurturing system look familiar? Is it providing the pipeline? Perhaps you took training in the process?  Did you see the salesperson from your competitive set at the same training? Have you taken the time to implement what you learned?

Do you drill down and look at the data?  Perhaps in your mind you do.  The reality is today, sales teams have been right sized and combined.  You most likely barely have time to react and return the calls that are coming in. Are you too busy selling that filling the pipeline for the future has become a goal instead of a task?

There really is gold in the phone.  Call, make new contacts.  Start a new network of potential new clients. Talk to them and see what their needs actually are and if you can make a fit for the future.  It may seem scary and uncomfortable at first. Reaching out with a high touch to build  rapport will leave suspects and prospects with a human touch.  Your voice, anticipatory service, and customer service will remain in the prospects mind long after that e-mail is deleted. Consistency and persistence wins!

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