➤ How do you contain
the scope of the project?

➤ How do you keep

within project boundaries?

➤ How do you handle

project additions?

➤ How do you say no?

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Lynne’s energy with our chapter was infectious. Her thought-provoking content was relevant and resonated with our group!

Steph Pfeilsticker, CMP, CMM, DES, HMCC, MBA, Hybrid Events Authority


Thank you so much again for all of your hard work and preparation for this webinar. People were very engaged and you gave them so many useful tips for their upcoming events. Zibby was in the education inbox yesterday and said a ton of people asked for a copy of your slides for their reference.

I think people really respond to the way you present because it is relatable and you are not afraid to admit the mistakes you have made in the past. For example, not charging clients for extra work. I love the way you gave an example of a friend who did charge, explained why she should, and validated the fact that you may not have charged when you first started, but now know that it is something that should be done. That YOU (and your listeners) are worth it, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be paid for all the work you do.

Caitlin O'Malley, Specialist, Distance Learning, Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA)
I absolutely enjoyed the presentation yesterday. Great Job!    I was educated and entertained. You did a marvelous job moving through the audience and engaging us.  Thank You!
Melanie Atkinson, Catering Sales Manager, La Petite Pierre Catering & Event Services

I could tell that Lynne was very educated on our industry and how events truly work. She had great enthusiasm during our program and I would recommend her to others. It was a fun and educational meeting and gave me, as a supplier, a better view into the world that our planners deal with during their events.

Amanda Stredney, Marriott International

Super engaging and so knows the industry. Lynne was high energy and kept her presentation upbeat and educational. I would highly recommend her for future events.

Heather Gortz, CTA, CMP, Grange Insurance

I was invited to local association meeting here in Phoenix, AZ and Lynne Wellish was the guest speaker.  I was definitely impressed with her topic and presentation; she spoke to the room as if she was speaking to a group of friends.  She was so engaging with the audience and the time passed so quickly, it left you wanting to hear more!

Penny Allphin, CHME , Director of Sales & Marketing, Hassayampa Inn
Thank you so much for speaking at MPI Minnesota yesterday! I left motivated to focus on the 6 A’s of the event experience.  Keep up the great work.
Heidi Cerdas Monge, MBA, Past MPI MN Board Member, GME Curriculum Coordinator Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

Thanks for the awesome job you did at MPI-GLES!  You were terrific!

Nancy VoglNancy Vogl, President, Nancy Vogl Speakers Bureau

I attended the MPI NENY event today in Saratoga. Thank you so much for providing such an engaging and educational presentation! I look forward to putting to use some of the tips you provided.

Jessica Joralemon, CMP, Manager of Events & Marketing Communications, Auto/Mate Albany, New York

Thanks, Lynne!

Your presentation I love my client, but they have this annoying habit  was a powerful hit!  Everyone really enjoyed the presentation and we all learned something new about ourselves, decision making and communication solutions.  These are all areas that we all need to think about more often and use our time effectively, plus keep our business partners happy.

SGMPAZ appreciates your time and knowledge shared at today’s meeting.  This is a topic was timely for all of our members and the 30th Anniversary celebration. I will definitely work on my communication skills and follow-up.    Thanks for the insight, inspiration and motivation to be a better planner.

….. Thanks for your continued support of SGMPAZ  and we would love to have you back next year!

The SGMPAZ Board
Michelle, Julie, Lorena, Sherry, and Terra

Michelle Fink, ADOT Communications & SGMP Board Member, Society of Government Meeting Professionals (SGMP)

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