Unique boutique companies in the Hospitality industry hire me to design and implement a grassroots marketing campaign. Surpass revenue goals by reaching out to prospective clients without taxing the existing sales team. My Sales Blitz is a fit for your business. We know the challenges of maintaining the sales pipeline in a trying environment.

  • Hospitality Lead Generation
  • Hospitality Sales Blitz
  • Hospitality DMO MICE Sales Training
  • Hospitality Sales Professional Training
  • Hospitality Sales and Marketing Support

Hospitality Lead Generation and Prospecting

Lead prospecting generating high quality hospitality leads is your team’s biggest pain point. I get it. Lead generation, I love to make cold calls.

Results include:

  • Pivot your sales Suspects into Prospects
  • Crush Sales and Revenue Goals
  • Anticipatory service is irresistible to potential clients

Even if you’re in the weeds with your leads right now, this may not be the case in the future. Consistent lead generation is critical to sustaining healthy group business. We love to make cold calls.  Our lead generation process is designed for hospitality venues, hotels and DMO’s  that have sales team, but lack the time, resources, or experience for effective follow up. Give us your list, we will pre-qualify  to see if it is a fit.

Hospitality Sales Blitz

Sales teams run at capacity, if there is one. Unique boutique companies in the meetings and event industry hire us to provide an organic and grassroots marketing approach.  Surpass your revenue goals by reaching out to perspective clients without taxing the existing sales team. Our Hospitality Sales Blitz facilitate face-to-face interactions, and handle everything else.

Our anticipatory process uncovers potential clients right in your backyard, producing 20–80x more ROI historically. During the Sales Blitz, we are the command center, assisting your sales team by offering advice, encouragement and logistical navigation.  Use your team or ours to hand deliver your message face to face.

Hospitality DMO MICE Sales Training

Are you a 2nd or 3rd tier destination? This sales training and mentoring panel is crafted for your destination sales team and your DMO (Destination Marketing Organization) members. Dennis Campbell and Lynne Wellish CMP CHSE CHO moderate this intimate, sit-down discussion and share 9 not so cheesy ways to trap more M.I.C.E. and sell your destination

Hospitality Sales and Marketing Support

Noodling a great thought? Got another idea in mind? Creating a new strategy to grow your business?  I would love to work with you and create a customized project just for you!  Are you a solo-preneur?  One or two man show?  I am exactly who you are looking for.We want to manage your project.

Better still, we are an extension of your sales team.  Our proven client-partnership approach ensures there is no duplication of costs or workload.

Hospitality Sales Workshops & Training

Navigated by training, your team will find and close more qualified leads.

Responding to hospitality leads and inquiries is our Superpower!

Hospitality sales teams are reactive in nature instead of having a proactive and strategic approach.  This creates a vicious and dangerous cycle where hotels are perceived by buyers as commodities, and negotiations are centered on price alone.  Find out what your clients really want to buy, predict success, hotels are losing out on untapped potential business each year.

Carefully scripted talking points aide your sales team in a choreographed call. I effectively engage hospitality professionals on inbound sales calls and outbound hospitality lead generation and nurturing strategies.


To Catch More M.I.C.E (meetings•incentives•conventions•exhibitions)
Use the Right Traps

This sales training and mentoring panel is crafted for your destination sales team and your DMO (Destination Marketing Organization) members. Dennis Campbell and Lynne Wellish CMP CHSE CHO moderate this intimate, sit-down discussion and share.

  1. Discover your destination’s unique value proposition
  2. Why selling the destination first enhances all ancillary revenues
  3. Focus on destination strengths to overcome weaknesses
  4. Design a site tour to create memories of your destination for a meeting professional.
  5. Tips and tricks to make the written proposal engaging
  6. Whether the presentation is in-person or video prepare to trap the M.I.C.E
  7. Clear and concise Final Subvention offer
  8.  Convert real tentatives to increase closing ratios
  9. Truly understand the economic impact of M.I.C.E. Benefit from the multiplier effect, taxes and local jobs

Best fit for an audience of DMO hospitality sales team and DMO members



Do you want to maximize your ancillary income, such as room rental and menu upgrades?

Do you listen to your Hospitality Sales Team on the phone and just know their closing rate could be higher?

Do you feel like they are leaving money on the table?

In this interactive collaborative session, you will learn solid sales skills and tips designed to maximize revenues on inbound sales calls. Your closing rate will be higher as you will be armed with the right questions to ask your prospective client.  No longer will you feel as if you are leaving money on the table.

After participating, you will be able to:

  • Position yourself and your property for a customized site visit that sells.
  • Conduct a site inspection with information that is customized to the meeting/event  professional, full of relevant and actionable recommendations.
  • Using probes, listening and feedback, with a few key questions to be able to have  a real sales conversation with a client to increase sales closings.

Best fit for an audience of hospitality sales professionals and suppliers emerging talent to experienced and determined

Looking at a list of leads from your last trade show or event? Feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?  Wondering how to build a relationship over the phone?  We promise, there is Gold in the Phone. This interactive session will focus on Tips and Tricks to overcome Sales Call Reluctance and put Lead Generation in your comfort zone. Effective lead generation. The majority of sales and marketing strategies have lead generation as their goal, but very few of them succeed at bringing in viable leads. Here are my favorite tips for start-ups looking to generate leads.


  • SOURCES OF LEADS- In addition to trade show exhibiting and industry professional organization membership networking and directories, we’ll explore other sources and methods of narrowing the prospective leads to the most likely to turn into solid tentatives.
  • COLD CALLING- DON’T cold call- WARM call. We’ll share with you best practices/techniques for making “warm calls” instead of “cold calls”.
  • LEAD FOLLOW-UP- With hundreds of competitors attempting to get meeting professionals attention for developing a relationship and eventual opportunity to bid on a specific meeting, we’ll share NON-SCRIPTED tips and techniques for breaking through the clutter and getting a bid relationship started sooner.

Best fit for an audience of Hospitality Sales Professionals emerging talent