Are you a 2nd or 3rd tier destination (DMO)? This sales training and mentoring panel is crafted for your destination sales team and your DMO (Destination Marketing Organization) members. Dennis Campbell and Lynne Wellish CMP CHSE CHO moderate this intimate, sit-down discussion and share 9 not so cheesy ways to trap more M.I.C.E. and sell your destination.

  1. Discover your destination’s unique value proposition
  2. Why selling the destination first enhances all ancillary revenues
  3. Focus on destination strengths to overcome weaknesses
  4. Design a site tour to create memories of your destination for a meeting professional.
  5. Tips and tricks to make the written proposal engaging
  6. Whether the presentation is in-person or video prepare to trap the M.I.C.E
  7. Clear and concise Final Subvention offer
  8. Convert real tentatives to increase closing ratios
  9. Truly understand the economic impact of M.I.C.E. Benefit from the multiplier effect, taxes and local jobs

LYNNE WELLISH, CMP, CHSE, CHO  — Lynne’s true passion is mentoring, training, and coaching people in the Hospitality & Event Industry. As a seasoned industry professional, she understands the dynamics and challenges of hospitality management. Her presentation style is highly interactive and energetic, providing educational instruction that is useful, fun and engaging.

Lynne holds a degree in Hospitality Management from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and certifications as Certified Meeting Professional, Certified Hospitality Sales Executive and Certified Hotel Owner. She has 30+ years in the hospitality industry, and is a faculty member of the HRM (Hotel & Resort Management) Program at Scottsdale Community College.

DENNIS CAMPBELL — A former US Army Criminal Investigator, Mr. Campbell (“DC”) held numerous posts in the aviation and tourism sectors over his professional career, as well as owner/operator of small businesses.

With a reputation for business unit turn around, “DC” was recruited in the 1980’s to improve/gain market-share and community support for Southwest Airlines in the New Mexico/West Texas operations. During his tenure in the travel and hospitality industry, “DC”’s team at VisitABQ achieved record convention bookings in four of his seven-year tenure contracting more than 200,000 room-nights each year, in future business. He was honored with a “Dennis Campbell day” via Mayoral Executive Order (1996) for record contributions to economic impact through tourism and convention development, the only tourism official in Albuquerque, NM to receive such recognition to date.

Presently, as a speaker, trainer and workshop facilitator, Dennis specializes in tourism related work as well as organizational culture building, operational efficiencies, and real-world coaching for any industry.

DC: | 602.402.6665
LYNNE: | 602.628.7026

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